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Chicken Boy
April 29, 2009
So we got some chickens to help weed the greenhouse - a motley assortment - mostly white though. Now it's turning out we have several roosters... nobody is peeping any more, they are all clucking, and the crowing is happening!

One of the white roosters came up lame about two weeks ago and he kept getting worse until he was just sitting on the ground and had to be given his food & water on the spot. We thought he was a goner for sure.

Things were not looking very good for "Chicken Boy."

Then one day Norman went out there to feed them, dreading the idea of having to put poor Chicken Boy out of his misery - and he was gone - he was up on two feet and limping but doing better.

So now we are calling him "Lazarus the Chicken Boy."

We think he got in a fight with another rooster and was injured.

Now we are thinking - probably too many roosters - time for the stew pot for somebody! Not Chicken Boy though......

Notable Stuff
April 20, 2009
Sorry for the lack of pix this month on the blog - when we erased the so-called brain of my computer my favorite program, picture manager, was eliminated. The new version of windows we got does not have it. Instead I have a very poor substitute which my husband insists is wonderful.

Of course he never does anything with pictures so he has no basis from which to judge...

Anyway every time I try to look at a photo and this other program comes up it drives me CRAAAZZZYYY!!! Does anybody else have this problem! And don't tell me I'm resistent to change!!!! GRRRRR!!!!

Phew! That felt good.

Okay, some announcements:

1. Luepke Florist of Vancouver Washington is celebrating their 100th anniversary - check luepkeflorist.com to see the latest poop. Did you know they provided the obligatory bouquet of roses when new ships were christened at the Kaiser shipyards during WW II? And guess who grew those roses - none other than Peterkort Roses (J. Peterkort & Co. at that time). Yep, history was being made!!!

2. Pomarius Nursery has been there for a while, but I just discovered it, thanks to Francoise Weeks - it's in NW Portland at the northern end of NW 18th Avenue. I scored a really beautiful blue clematis alpinus, now the problem is where to put it. Pomarius is right next to Bedford Brown, an interiors and interior plantscaping studio, and one of our customers....

3. The early Lily of the Valley is blooming!!!! Come & see it, call us to order if you need it (503) 628-1005.

The Seven Dwarves
April 16, 2009
Having a Suzanne Somers moment - you've heard of the "seven dwarves of menopause" right? Itchy, bitchy, sweaty, sleepy, bloated, forgetful, and all dried up - she nailed it.

Also still discombobulated because our computer started running slower, slower, ssllloooooooowwwweerrrrrrrr, and so pretty sure it had some kind of worm/virus/malware thing and probably participating in denial of service attacks or otherwise being a zombie/bot/slave of some nasty somebody someplace!!!

So we had to wipe it and start over.

Anyway that's by way of apologizing for lack of blog activity.

Trying to keep PMA (positive mental attitude) in spite of PMS!!!!

Hang in there and keep reading my blog - courtesy of Peterkort Roses, rose grower in Oregon, USA.

Doug is Famous!
April 8, 2009
Floral Management magazine from SAF came yesterday - there was Doug from Broadway Floral on the cover!!!! He's featured in an article about florists keeping up with the times - read how he's dissing the Yellow Pages in favor of targeted marketing using his web site...

It's always a good magazine, and it's fun to have somebody you know featured inside.

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