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Happy Easter - Ka-CHOO!!!
April 26, 2011
Blog PictureKaren did this cute Easter chick with cattleyas - I had a beast of a cold - and the rain keeps falling!

It's a test...

Mother's Day approaches... Let us know if you need to order. Call (503) 628-1005 or speak to me at the Peterkort Roses booth at the Portland Flower Market. And...we're also at the new Seattle Wholesale growers' market! See Melissa at Greenwood to order.

Field Trip!!
April 20, 2011
Blog PictureJim and I went with Scott of Frank Adams Wholesale up north to the flower area of BC in Canada.

Friends, it was so interesting!

Many of the growers up there are Dutch, and they also have an auction very similar to the one in Holland. They use the "Dutch Auction" with a large type of clock or dial on the wall. The price starts at the highest level the grower thinks he can get, and goes down from there.

We asked John, the auction guru up there, why this method is used - his answer, "It's faster." They have carts and carts of flowers and plants to auction in a limited amount of time.

We visited four growers also during our three day visit.

The most high tech grower produces thousands of gerberas every day (see picture). All the plants are in coconut fiber in plastic growing buckets. They are fed with drippers giving them a controlled amount of water and fertilizer.

Overhead, they are sheltered from the cold by mylar woven heat curtains at night. They are given supplemental light. Heat comes to them in hot water pipes under the benches.

The boilers burn natural gas, which produces carbon dioxide. This CO2 is fed back into the greenhouse because we know that plants need this gas in order to grow.

All these things are controlled with a computer system that measures light, heat, temperature, humidity and soil moisture. The computer turns on the heat, opens the windows, turns on the lights, unfurls the shade curtains.


Visit from Fitzgerald in LaGrande
April 11, 2011
Blog PictureFlower market happenings - last week Julie from Fitzgerald in LaGrande came to Portland with her family - her son is getting married this summer! Julie runs a bustling shop in eastern Oregon and she does make it to Portland from time to time.

Everybody came - mom, husband, kids, son's fiancee, and her family too. It's always fun to check out the flower market with a wedding in mind.

Things are getting busier - time to order for Mother's Day - don't wait until the last minute because prized items are already getting fully booked.

Book Club Reject
April 3, 2011
Blog PictureLike many people I belong to a book club, in my case a small one and we meet at a restaurant once a month.

Our last book was a real bummer, "Butcher Boy," by Pat McCabe. I guess it has also been made into a movie.

My advice: you have better things to do with your time than hanging out with the inner voice of a psychopath!!! Avoid!!!

Got that off my chest, OK, pictured here is one of our lovely pink cymbidiums, Kachuma Painted Cave. It's blooming right now, get it at Peterkort Roses!

We'll have cymbidiums through Mother's Day.

A rose is a rose looks like a peony or...
April 1, 2011
I have a vase of Piano garden roses and Wendy spray roses on the table...some think the Piano rose looks like another flower besides a rose. One of the great things about roses besides their rainbow-like range of colors is that they come in a lot of sizes and shapes. Some varieties resemble peonies but are MUCH less expensive during the off-season and come in a lot more colors.

Check out our Peterkort Roses database to see the color & shape rainbow!

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