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We use beneficial insects to control aphids and spider mites.
Cattleya Extravaganza
April 26, 2012
Blog PictureMonty of A Fine Flower Company had a wonderful assignment to imagine a retro nightclub atmosphere for an upcoming event at a local golf club... he chose to use lavender cattleya orchids. It was fantastic because we had a lovely crop of Cattleya 'Irene Holguin' coming on...here's me with 30 blooms of the loveliest catts you have ever seen...I love this job!
IPM: Feeding the Good Guys
April 22, 2012
Blog PictureOur beneficial insects in the greenhouse help us by killing aphids, whiteflies and spider mites.... and sometimes there isn't enough food so we have to feed them!

Norman got these hanging baskets full of flowers with pollen they like.... keep the good guys alive when there aren't enough bad bugs to eat!

The goal is to encourage a population in the greenhouse so you always have them. That means not killing them off with sprays. Also we need to not cringe when there is an aphid or two on our flowers. It means that we are minimizing spraying.

That's what is meant by Integrated Pest Management: IPM...

Toad-ally Freaky
April 18, 2012
Blog PictureI stayed at the greenhouse late yesterday afternoon; everybody left, Norman went to pick up his daughter, Karen was gone. I wandered out into the lily house to check on my small rose plants, and there was Mr. Toad, looking mostly huge. Also very cammo.

I hope he is eating a lot of bugs, because he is really really big. Not like Oregon big but like tropical big.

Especially creepy is the fact that he THOUGHT everybody was gone......

Renee' and I Visit Seattle!
April 15, 2012
Blog PictureRenee' from the Oregon Flower Growers and I took a quick trip up to Seattle to visit the Seattle Wholesale Growers Market and check out what is going on up there with the flower scene.

Diane of Washington Floral invited us to view her Japanese flower shipment with unusual, interesting and delightful things like giant ranunculus, bodacious gloriosas, and splendid sweet peas. We met at Fiori Floral Design in downtown Seattle, where Miles the owner hosted us with champagne and strawberries, and we met some other Seattle florists, and enjoyed the display Diane and other Washington Floral folks put on.

Then the next day we drove over to the Georgetown district of Seattle to check out the Seattle Wholesale Growers Market , a one year old venture by a group of flower growers in Washington and Oregon (Peterkort Roses among them). Yes, Portland Flower Market customers, Seattle did not have a growers market until last year, just wholesalers spread throughout the city. Isn't that amazing??

The picture on this blog entry shows the Peterkort Roses location up at the Seattle Wholesale Growers Market.

Finally, Debra Prinzing, author of the new book, The 50 Mile Bouquet (see the "news" on this website for more info), invited us to lunch at her house where we met Kelly of Botanique and got to talk more with Diane and Nicole from the growers market.

What a visit! I don't know if we could have crammed any more flower events into our quick trip...and the weather was lovely.

Nice Heart of Sonia Roses
April 10, 2012
Blog PictureBrenda of Garside Florist in Vancouver sent me this picture of a beautiful heart wreath they made using our Sonia roses recently.

The family specifically requested Sonia as a favorite of their mom.

Sonia is a beautiful color, salmon peach, and I will always remember when it was launched onto the floral scene way back in the 70's! Our uncle, Joe Peterkort, Jr., was instrumental in bringing this French Meilland creation to Portland. J. Peterkort & Co., as Peterkort Roses was known at the time, began to grow it immediately and it was very very popular.

We are still growing it (though not in the quantities we did in those days).

In the hands of the experienced and professional folks like Garside, the Sonia rose opens up to a radiant glowing color with petals that are delicate and wide spread. It performs a beautiful act of unfurling that reminds us of how ethereal a rose can be.

Happy Easter - & Spring is Finally Here
April 8, 2012
Blog PictureHey I could go outside today without 1) umbrella 2) shivering and 3)hat & coat!!! Hurray!!

Here's my Easter chapeau - won the contest for the best "bonnet" - featuring Sweet Avalanche roses, stephanotis, and an incredible amount of tape and pearl pins.

Karen and I agree, we need to learn how to make corsages etc. professionally. We are inept!!

This hat caused me to hark back to the days when we would be outfitted with white gloves, hats and little plastic purses for Easter every year.

No matter how you celebrate Spring, hope it is a joyous occasion!

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