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Our roses can be used as cake decorations.
Keeping it Green at Peterkort Roses!!
April 26, 2013
Blog PictureNorman is trying to find ways to improve our biological control program in the greenhouse. This is the art & science of getting and nurturing good bugs which eat, kill or otherwise destroy bad bugs that ruin the flowers.

This photo shows alyssum and ornamental pepper plants growing in hanging baskets. They've been seeded with good guys who are hopefully finding lots of pollen and growing and reproducing. Then when they are ready these baskets will be hanging in the greenhouse and the bugs can go after their prey.

If they eat lots of bugs and can't find any more, the pollen keeps them alive until more bugs appear on the scene (it always seems to happen!)

Other Green news: Peterkort Roses was just designated as Salmon Safe!! We are proud that our growing practices do not hurt the wild salmon.

Also, today we welcomed visitors from Eurosa from Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Eurosa also grows roses, so it was good to talk about growing practices and how to improve the use of biological controls, which they also do.

Spring afternoon...
April 6, 2013
Blog PictureLook at these lilies we have right now - I thought the peachy/yellow with red tips of the Royal Sunset looked pretty neat with our new pink lily Batistero.

Spring is like a bio-rocket firing us up into a new level of frenzied activity - planting seeds, trying to keep weeds and grass down, how to keep up? And then there's the tax man and all the time THAT takes, bleah!!

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