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Brush up on Stephanotis Care
August 14, 2009
Hey check out our Peterkort Press article this month about stephanotis - included is a link to the Floral Design Institute's Leanne Kesler with her nice You Tube demonstration of stephanotis care. A short primer or refresher on the best ways to keep steph happy and not wilting, brown or spotty when they need to look GOOD!

Peterkort Roses has now entered the computer age at the flower market -I am writing this on our new setup down here - hopefully faster input for invoices etcetera - no more double work for getting the information correctly onto the monthly statements. So this is a patience alert - it will take a little time for us to get up to speed. The good news -no more adding errors by me! (so embarrassing!)

Hot August Nights
August 4, 2009
Blog PictureHow do the flowers survive in the greenhouse during the hot weather (100 degrees plus for several days last week!)

The short answer is, okay - we pick the roses early in the morning and bundle them into the cooler, and we use our energy curtains to provide some shade, which prevents burning.

The longer answer is - the heat does have some effects. Some colors change - Black Baccara gets more red, and Leonidas gets more orange.

Also many of the stems are shorter because the heat causes them to mature faster.

It doesn't seem to bother the chickens!!! They stay in the shade and drink more water. Egg production continues on schedule, although gathering more and more resembles a strange Easter egg hunt - they fly up and lay eggs in the folds of the energy curtains, for instance...

The beautiful bride pictured above is carrying a bouquet by Adria of Lavish Flora , who designs beautiful flowers and especially features green weddings. This creation uses Karamel Antike and Helga Piaget roses from Peterkort Roses. Adria likes to use our roses because we are a local grower in Oregon, and because we use green methods, including biological pest control.

The chickens are part of it...they are there to eat weeds!

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