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Baby Chicks!!!!!
August 12, 2010
Blog PictureThe greenhouse flock has increased by four baby chicks!

For those who haven't followed the Peterkort Roses chicken saga, we got the idea that chickens in the greenhouse would help with weeds and bugs. (So far the weeds are winning.) So Norm got some baby chicks last year and raised them. Then we added some more from my friend Helen who had extras.

There was also the traumatic culling of the roosters episode. Thanks to Scott from Frank Adams, this was handled and peace once again reigned in the greenhouse.

We have collected a lot of eggs, the chickens are happy, and one of the hens produced four babies. This is the fun part of having the chickens. Hopefully they will all be hens....

Britta, a Beautiful Bride
August 7, 2010
Blog PictureHere's a shot of Britta and her new husband provided by Julie, a retired florist who is Britta's aunt. Look at that gorgeous bouquet, with Ocean Song roses and stephanotis from Peterkort Roses... a very romantic look with the floral wreath in her hair and the groom in a top hat. She also had flowers attached to her dress with magnets!

This week at the market I heard about a medieval wedding, the groom wearing a suit of armor (??!!)

Last year it was all Goth weddings. Black feathers, blood-red flowers, skeletons on the cake...

And who could forget the rock star's wedding featuring Louis XVI style outfits and the bride was dressed as Marie Antoinette???

Piano Roses Featured in SAF Magazine
August 4, 2010
Blog PictureWow, just got my electronic copy of the SAF magazine, Floral Management - one of our garden roses, Piano Frieland, is noted on the Roses page, with a nice recommendation by Heather of Broadway Floral.

This rose has gotten a lot of interest lately - it's a real beauty, looks so different than the standard hybrid tea type. It's a challenge to grow in the greenhouse (likes to do its own thing!) but the results are sure beautiful.

Florists like it because it looks so interesting and different, plus it holds up well and has a great color - red with a certain coral look as it opens.

At Peterkort Roses we have been having a busy summer. It seems like pink, purple and peach are very popular this year. Our garden rose Helga Piaget is probably our number one seller this year. It's creamy white, a little faded pink edge with is not very noticeable when it opens.

Call ahead to order - don't get aced out! (503) 628-1005

Garden Rose Fever
August 2, 2010
Wow, the interest in our garden roses has really gone crazy this wedding season. How do you define "garden roses?" That's the big question -

Some people call them English roses. Some call them cabbage, or I've even heard cottage.

I define them as roses that look different than hybrid tea roses (long bud, spiral shape) - and have an old fashioned look with lots of petals and often a big round bud.

Peterkort Roses grows lovely garden roses, such as Piano Freeland, Yves Piaget and Helga Piaget, Maria Theresia, Biedermeier, Waltzertraum, Karamel Antike, Romantik Antike...

Check them out on "what we grow"!

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