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December 17, 2011
Blog PictureHey check out this rose (yes really it's a rose) that I saw at the 2011 Hortifair in Amsterdam. It's called "Green Eye". These are the latest interesting twist on roses. The internal structure where the seeds are made is enlarged and makes the rose look like a ranunculus.

That's one thing I really love about roses. They are so variable! They are found in wild form all over the world, and have been cherished by humanity for so long, that the gene pool is huge and full of variety.

We have roses now that are huge, and tiny. We have roses that look like peonies and ranunculus. So many colors too, including brown, grey, black. Believe it or now the color yellow is a fairly new (if you call 200 years new) development, having come from China during the age of plant discovery. (Of course the Chinese knew about it!) But it's relatively new in Western breeding.

That's why I love roses so much - you can never get tired of them! Even though they are hard to grow, and every bug and disease in the world also loves them!!!

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