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June 23, 2010
Blog PictureOh it was so frustrating today at market, the computer network would NOT come up. But we managed. Primitivo is wonderful, he can put up with all these changes and it doesn't faze him. Me on the other hand...

Finally the warm weather is here and the selection of flowers available on the market has increased. (Locally grown, that is.) We are selling lots of garden roses. They are very popular for weddings this year.

My picture of the day is Stacy, Mike of 4-T Acres' niece. She was wearing some really CUTE tights with roses on them. So of course I had to get a picture.

Rose Festival Fun - Rose Spirit!
June 11, 2010
Blog PictureZipped from the flower market over to the Lloyd Center for the Royal Rosarian Queen's Garden Party lunch today. The quick change act from jeans & sweats to nice clothes is always a sorta Clark Kent thing, but a phone booth is teensier than a stall in the ladies' room!

Pat from A Touch of Elegance always makes beautiful centerpieces for this lunch with our (donated) roses.

The Rosarians have started inviting all the Rose Festival Queens from the past, which is fun (three of them shown in the photo). Including, the current Queen, what a sweet girl, today is her last day as Queen and she got pretty choked up reviewing the highlights of her year.

Events like this remind me of what a great community Portland is. New things I learned today: Juniors as well as Seniors can try out for the court; also they have added a new position for the west metro, and this is the first year with a princess from that area (they are back to princesses from ambassadors by the way). This year a girl from Aloha High School was selected, and she sat at our table. That was fun!

Enjoy the parade tomorrow if you can, look for the Portland Vietnamese Community's float, they are using some of our flowers!!!

New Florist - Emerald Petals
June 8, 2010
Blog PictureI attended the opening of Emerald Petals - Portland's Eco Florist this past weekend. They are located in one of Portland's hottest revitalized areas, N. Mississippi Avenue, also home of one of our favorite stores, The Meadow which sells flowers, chocolate, salt and wine.

Hilary and Justin, recently of Old Town Florist downtown, have opened their own place. It was a fun party with music and yummy food, also my personal fave, guava martinis!

Justin creates wonderful objects using driftwood, branches, etc, which were on display. A huge frame made of driftwood definitely attracted the eye and since it framed a large mirror it reflected back all the happy party scene.

Check out Portland's newest member of the flower community!

All Good Things Must End
June 1, 2010
Blog PictureThe cymbidium season at Peterkort Roses is about to come to an end. We have a few stems of 49'er 'Alice Anderson' left, as well as some Dr. Lloyd Hawkinson 'Piedmont', but they'll soon be gone. We had a longer season than ever before this year thanks to the long cold spring, and also we kept the heat way, way down in the cym house last winter.

Shown above is Valya Craig, a lovely butter yellow cym with a raspberry lip, and the lily "Blackout." What a groovy combination!

Of course, we sell only our only home-grown cymbidiums from our own greenhouse in Hillsboro, Oregon USA.

If you are in the flower business, you may buy from us, call us at (503) 628-1005.

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