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Black Baccara is the darkest rose available.
(Wo)man versus Mouse!
March 31, 2011
One of the things that makes this wet, miserable early spring time in Oregon bearable for me is the planting of seeds!!!!

At home I have heated seed mats and I plant my seeds!! We have an upstairs bedroom with a skylight and a really, really awful (orange and brown shag) rug so a little potting soil on it is really not an atrocity...

Then I take the little seedlings out to the greenhouse and they do beautifully...uh....until the little mice come out and eat them!

So I lost my broccoli, kohlrabi, and tomatoes to the little beasts, but I had my revenge this week with the mousetraps baited with peanut butter. The take is two beasties so far.

And Karen has been going after them with bait too.

Just when you think you have it all figured out, but it helps to have the corpses, because for a while we thought it was birds in the greenhouse.

Starting over, I now have broccoli (again), tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, romanesco (a mutant broccoli/cauliflower combination which never seems to get far enough along to actually produce a head, but this year I am determined to push it along earlier). The second crop of kohlrabi is still at home cooking.......

And goodbye to March!!!

Is it really Spring?
March 21, 2011
I see by the calendar that it is now spring. Our Oregon weather is winterish, only contradicted by the smell of the daphne! And I have a head cold, but the good news is it's on the run. Comfort food is still on the menu!

The plants know it's spring! The lilies are speeding back up from their winter schedule (in the summer a lily may take 9 weeks; in the winter the same one takes 12!) And I planted some seeds - broccoli and kohlrabi. Outside in the yard the snow peas are coming up, also the arugula.

So eventually we'll move from stew and soup to salad with new greens...

Marriage en Masse
March 19, 2011
Blog PictureSaw an ad in the Oregonian today for "Marriage. Vow Renewal. Memories." A June 11 event at the Convention Center - so naturally I had to check out their website ....

Well....I do remember years ago seeing photos of Moonie mass marriage ceremonies with hundreds of couples, men dressed in black tuxes, women in white wedding gowns....

This particular "Rose Festival Sponsored" event seems to appeal to folks who like to do stuff in large groups.

And all for the low, low price of $300!!!

And...(attention florists!)...you can rent a vendor booth!

Mardi Gras Cym Special; Botanical Headpiece
March 1, 2011
Blog PictureLet me know right away if you want some stems of the cymbidium Yowie Flame "Heather" (pictured) for Mardi Gras! They are on special at Peterkort Roses through Friday, March 11.

These cymbidiums are grown at our greenhouses in Hillsboro.

Yesterday somebody asked me where we got our roses from and I was floored.

I guess in spite of all the "Oregon Grown" logos, and me talking up the fact that Peterkort Roses are locally grown, right here in Oregon, at our greenhouses, somebody in the business still thought we bought them from somebody else!

Peterkort Roses are grown by the Peterkort family in Hillsboro, Oregon! Not too many companies can say that any more.

On another subject, my friend Francoise told me about her collaboration with a photographer to create a botanical headpiece, see this link for beautiful photographs of what she came up with!

Very beautiful and creative, thank you Francoise!

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