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Oregon's Run for the Roses Saturday June 5
May 30, 2010
Blog PictureNext Saturday June 5, 2010 the Sherwood Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring their annual Oregon's Run for the Roses with a 10 K run, a 5 K run and other events.

Norm is going to run in it!

Peterkort Roses always donates flowers (roses of course) for this event.

Proceeds go to the Chamber's high school scholarship fund.

Norman's been getting back into running lately. He was a cross country runner in high school.

Pictured above is a vase of garden roses from Peterkort Roses, including Waltzertraum, Karamel Antike and Piano Freeland.

"Low Cost Logistics"
May 25, 2010
Blog PictureHere's the latest in the worldwide flower biz from the May edition of the magazine, "FloraCulture International:"

"The most recent pilot projects demonstrated the successful arrival of roses and Alstromeria by ship from Guyaquil in Ecuador, (to Amsterdam)...The cut flowers on arrival can be (very) limp after almost 3 weeks of dry transport, and yet, once unpacked and placed in after-transport solutions, the re-hydration process is complete within a few hours...One of the subsequent tests on a cut rose variety transported in this way indicated a vase life of up to 5 weeks!"

Brave new world, indeed...

Articles like this only serve to reinforce our philosophy at Peterkort Roses: our goal is to serve the local market with the freshest, highest quality product.

Case in point, our newest rose pictured above, Peach Peony. It's a garden rose we sell in 10 stem bunches. Due to the support of our local florist customers, we can grow unique varieties like this for the local market. It was indeed somewhat of an experiment, since I saw this variety in a vase at the breeder's greenhouse in Holland, where it had no name, just a number.

We bought the plants last fall and planted them, so now they are producing these lovely flowers in time for the wedding season. This is the opposite of the large-scale, drench-it-in-fungicide, wrap it in cardboard and plastic, then ship it on a container halfway across the world, and THEN say you are doing it to reduce the product's carbon footprint!!!

Okay, enough ranting.

Mom & Me Have Tea
May 17, 2010
Blog PictureA busy weekend with Mom - we went to the Scholls Womens Club tea at the Scholls Grange - very fun, got to dress up and wear Karen's Audrey Hepburn picture hat, also white gloves I unearthed from the bottom drawer.

Lots of hats, door prizes, a raffle; they raise money for community stuff in Scholls, where Peterkort Roses is. Gorgeous flower arrangements on all the tables.

They were celebrating their 75th anniversary, so there was a group of ladies all wearing (fake) diamond tiaras.

What's new at the farm - cymbidiums are wrapping up their season, roses are coming into their most productive time. Heating season is over for the year, hurray!!!

Portland gets Rose Spirit
May 7, 2010
Blog PictureAs big rose people, Peterkort Roses supports the Portland Rose Festival...after all this is Rose City and it's the rosiest event ever. The theme for 2010 is "Rose Spirit" - you can check out all the events on the Rose Festival website .... There's even an Ikebana rose show at the Portland Japanese Garden. (We're donating roses!) This year on June 12 and 13 the Sogetsu School will have a special guest artist from Japan participating in the event, check it out at the Japanese Garden web site !

Super busy for the Mother's Day runup...lots of moms will be getting pink roses and lilies it seems! We will be in the market again tomorrow from 6:30 to 10 a.m. Saturday May 8 2010.

Happy Mother's Day!

Last Chance to Order for Mother's Day!
May 1, 2010
Blog PictureIt looks like this Mother's Day is shaping up to be better than last year!! The florists I've talked to are optimistic.

It's late, but you can still get your order in...we have roses and this year a lot of cymbidiums. We kept the greenhouse colder this year and also it's been a cool spring, which did not fry the cyms - hurray. Have some gorgeous 49'er 'Alice Anderson' and a lot of other varieties.

Also beautiful cattleyas are available - check out the lovely purple ones above. I had these in my house and they lasted 2 weeks!!! Pretty good.

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