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A “sport” is a natural rose mutation.
Giovanni from Italy visits Flower Market with Old Town Florist
November 17, 2010
Blog PictureWendy from Old Town Florist in Portland hosted a fellow florist from Italy recently. It was fun to meet Giovanni who visited the flower market with her and checked out our selection. He is visiting with Wendy for a couple of weeks, and then hopefully she will be able to do the same over there, and find out what it's like to be a florist in Italy.

That's gonna be a fun trip! He's now seeing the sights in Oregon, staying dry I hope, the weather isn't exactly tourist oriented.

Truck has a Makeover
November 1, 2010
Blog PictureOur big Ford delivery truck is now a rolling billboard, thanks to Quoin Design, our graphics folks. Pictures to follow as soon as I get back to my main computer and slurp them off my camera. Also thanks to Portland Bride & Groom and Portrait of Portland for their cooperation in using covers from their magazines. Beautiful designs using our roses from Sage at Sammy's Flowers and Jill at Starflower!
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