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Lilies are our newest product.
Chicken Dance
October 30, 2010
Blog PictureThe latest Chicken saga at the Peterkort Roses greenhouse:

We're pouring some concrete walks to speed up our lily planting. All of a sudden we realized, oh, we need to keep the chickens from walking on it while it's wet!

(If you're just tuning in, we have 15 or so chickens of various sizes & shapes roaming our greenhouse to help with weeds and bugs. They lay eggs too!)

The current plan is to corral them in the enclosure where the cooler equipment is located. Lure 'em in with chicken feed and close the door.

But what about the new little flock of four who are pecked by the other chickens? How do we get them in because they are scared...... it's always something.

Getting ready for holly season. Berries look good this year. Picking up at the old farm (near St. Vincent Hospital) starting next week.

And the TRUCK WRAP is nearing completion. Our truck isn't exactly a spring chicken (ha ha) so it's been a little more difficult than anticipated. Now I just hope the truck lasts long enough to show off our wonderful rolling billboard for a couple of years!!!

When you have a farm, things are never PERFECT. But being out there makes it worth it, pretty much...

A Rose is a Rose'
October 26, 2010
Blog PictureToday the Oregonian featured a book on champagne cocktails (yum!) including one called A Rose is a Rose' - click here for the recipe...

Special garnish: put rose petals on the table when you serve this cocktail!

With the new popularity of rose' this should be a hit.

(Rose petals are available from Peterkort Roses, give us a few days advance notice! Call (503) 628-1005 to order - wholesale customers only, please...)

Starflower Shines
October 21, 2010
Blog Picture Starflower in Portland does a LOT of weddings, and Jill uses flowers from Peterkort Roses. (Thank you, Jill!) Here she is with Karamel Antike roses used in a recent event.

I visited her store on Belmont to drop off some more flowers and she had centerpieces everywhere! Two events, one with Piano roses, the other with gold and fall tones.

Still waiting for our large delivery truck to get "done" with a truck wrap. It keeps getting delayed but pretty soon our truck will be transformed into a rolling billboard showing magazine covers of Portland Bride & Groom and Portrait of Portland, with arrangements done by Page of Sammy's Flowers, and Jill from Starflower.

That will really brighten up the driving scene...

A Great Fall Show at the Flower Market
October 5, 2010
Blog PictureCouldn't let the show pass (it was on September 26) without mentioning that we had the best display ever! Here's a show of Karen, with our super colorful rose and lily display (some cattleyas too!) and her paintings in the background.

We decided to do an art display this year but until we put it up I had no idea how ultra colorful and vibrant the whole thing would look.

What's new at the market: the Graffiti lily this week, a tango type, yellow with red splatters! It's wild. Only available this week....

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