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Flower Market Show!!!!
September 28, 2008
Blog PictureYes it took me a whole week to recover from the show - the Portland Flower Market design show last Sunday -

Take a look at pictures at the Portland Flower Market web site - www.pdxflowermarket.com and see all the pictures!!!! ALL of the designs by the three designers - Jon Throne, Noel Tribbey and Erik Witcraft - are pictured (or at least the ones I got before they were purchased by eager show attendees) - and a lot of people pictures too.

It was a fun show and the feedback I hear is that people enjoyed it.

Hardest part: getting people to sign up in advance!!! Everyone tends to wait. This year we sent out a postcard to see if people would download the signup form off the website - not a great result on that - I think most people picked up their form at the market. Also a lot of people signed up the day of the show. The downside to that is no lunch.

Some food to be had besides the show lunch here & there but you had to hunt for it. The box lunch was good, it's always a challenge to get food that everybody will like!!!

I made a tremendous display (part of it pictured above) including a special garden rose display to really show off our garden roses: Yves Piaget, Karamel Antike, Helga Piaget, Maria Theresia, Waltzertraum, Piano Frieland.

Have a great weekend (what's left of it!)


Rose Girls
September 12, 2008
Blog PictureThis week the American Specialty Cut Flower Growers group had their national conference and trade show. I sneaked into one of the sessions presented by the ladies above, Jeriann Sabin of Bindweed Farm in Idaho (left) and Erin Benzakien of floret in Washington.

It was quite informative - learned about growing garden roses outdoors, which is quite a challenge especially for Jeriann because her area of Idaho is not exactly rose-friendly!!! She received a grant from the group to experiment with outdoor grown roses, and she worked with one of the roses we are very familiar with, Karamel Antike from Kordes, as well as quite a few David Austin varieties.

It was a great presentation and it was good for me to get acquainted with this group. Pat Zweifel of Z Callas at the Portland Flower Market made a presentation too but I was busy stalking the elusive Gary Pellett from Kordes in southern Oregon so unfortunately did not get to hear it.

A fun group. Also ran into Jonathan from Northern Pacific Farm, another flower market grower, whose job it was to videotape sessions.

What a great week to visit Oregon - there were lots of people there from out of town - the East Coast was well represented!!

Don't forget to sign up for the Portland Flower Market annual design show 2008 - Sunday September 21 - pick up a sign up sheet at the market. The lunch registration is still open - they have extended the cutoff day to Tuesday September 16. More information is on the web site www.pdxflowermarket.com. Beware there is another site purporting to be the Portland Flower Market - get the real one - type in pdxflowermarket.com!!!!

Have a great weekend!


Jammie Dodgers
September 8, 2008
Blog PictureI was reading the Flowerchat.com website recently and one of the U.K. members said her most unusual funeral request recently was a tribute in the shape of a Jammie Dodger! I didn't know what this was until last week in Victoria at the Blethering Place Tea Room (perfect name) they had a lot of British tea and other goodies for sale, including the above-pictured Jammie Dodgers. I can only imagine what a floral Jammie Dodger looks like......
Victoria - Trip to Washington Wine Country
September 6, 2008
Blog PictureWell we are now empty nesters - dropped Sam off at University of Victoria and headed out!

I always think flowers and wine go nicely together so even though this is a flower blog, let me just say that the Yakima Valley wine country is fun to visit - here's a picture of me with the (very picturesque) ripening grapes at the Portteus winery near Zillah.

The Yakima Valley is very dry and warm with good soil for wine - and they have massive irrigation available from the river. So you can just basically drive down the highway and decide to stop at one of the towns, the wineries are everywhere and they do have free tastings. You usually have to pay $5 for the reserve tasting.

Reminder - please sign up for the September 21 design show at the Portland Flower Market web site - hurry so you can have lunch with your show. You can download & print the sign up form, or simply pick one up at the market.

Peterkort Roses will have a beautiful display again this year like usual, also posters for sale.

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