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Flower Market Open House Sunday September 27!
September 12, 2009
Don't forget the Portland Flower Market annual open house this year is coming up on Sunday, September 27. Cost is $10.00 before the show, $12.00 at the door.

To sign up ahead of time, please fill out this handy signup form and turn it in by mail or in person at the flower market.

It will be fun - designers, food, classes, demonstrations, stuff on sale, and hob nobbing with your flower buddies.

The focus is on customer appreciation this year - so please come and be appreciated. There will be prizes too!

September 10, 2009
Blog PictureSorry about the blog-o-absentia, faithful readers, we've been on vacation & dealing with the always exciting launching of children...

Back up in Victoria where we saw the above pictured angel's trumpet plant. I am wondering if they overwintered this indoors or what. The plant was large & woody; also saw some fuchsias in the same location that were clearly plants of several years age... I know Victoria has a mild climate but not THAT mild.

Back on track & I will continue to report on the chickens, new roses (yes we are getting some!), and doings at the Portland flower market...

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