Did You
Leonidas is also a brand of Belgian chocolate.
Are We Obsessed?

What to say about a bunch of people who are still dedicated to growing cut flower roses in the U.S...

Though most of our former colleagues have been knocked out, we continue because we are…obsessed.

We love roses. We love the challenge of growing one of the most temperamental flowers. We have a rose fixation.

We stay up late thinking of new ways to outsmart all the bugs. We fret about too much or too little humidity. And too much or too little sunshine.

We plot strategies to get our customers the best roses, in just the right colors, just when they need them.

We dream of the perfect rose, with a large head that opens, smells terrific, has no thorns, lasts a long time, and produces like crazy.

Obsessed with roses…a little bit driven?? Yes, yes, yes, YES!!!!
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