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Peterkort Roses is the only U.S. rose grower growing the Metallina rose
Never Satisfied... (Finding New Varieties)

We hunt incessantly for new varieties to add to our rose portfolio. Thanks to the plant breeders, scores of new beautiful rose varieties hit the market yearly.

The trick is to find the great ones that inspire our customers to make the most beautiful bridal bouquets…table arrangements…topiaries…long stemmed bunches…corsages…nosegays…

We rely on our fantastic customers to help us find the winners and fill holes in our palette. Portland Flower Market members play an important role. They react to samples we display, and they tell us about varieties seen elsewhere. If a first planting of a rose receives a great response, we will plant more the following year.

How we evaluate a rose is part steely practicality and part je ne sais quoi.

The Left Brain Analyzes: Number of roses per square meter in the greenhouse, average length of stem, vase life in days, size of the bud, disease resistance, petal texture

The Right Brain Senses: Color, scent, bud shape, how it opens, name familiarity, customer comments, how it grows, “that certain feeling,” sheer beauty

Surfing the net, quizzing our industry contacts, picking customers’ brains, and prowling the great Dutch trade show, the Hortifair, goes on for months every year.

A list goes together. We argue and lobby for our favorites. Finally, we select. Check the list of new varieties in our rose database to see the latest picks!
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