Did You
We use beneficial insects to control aphids and spider mites.
The Numbers

Our farm in Hillsboro has 16 polycarbonate greenhouses. Each one is about 17,000 square feet. That’s a total area of nearly six acres. In European terms we have 2.5 hectares.

Of these 16 greenhouses, two are dedicated to orchids. The other 14 have roses growing inside. We have about 100,000 rose plants.

We grow over 50 different varieties of roses. Every day our 100,000 plants produce thousands of roses. To pick them all, we walk over 39,000 steps each day.

In case you thought this was too easy, here are some of the chores that have to be done constantly to keep things going: picking, disbudding, bending, grading, weeding, cleanup, scouting, dispersing beneficial insects, spraying. There’s probably more but we’re too tired to keep going!
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