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Peterkort Roses is the only U.S. rose grower growing the Metallina rose
Website is Officially On Line!
April 19, 2006
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Our new web site, PeterkortRoses.com, is up and running. You can use it to view our rose varieties and our other products. It explains our growing philosophy and our green and local orientation as Portland, Oregon's only cut rose grower.

One important feature is our extensive Links section which contains web links and telephone numbers of many of our florist customers. We urge you to check out this page and make sure we have listed you correctly. If you are a regular customer and we have omitted you, please let us know and we will add you to the list.

Sandra's Blog is a fun feature intended to describe life at the flower market, keep you up to date on flower world gossip, and give a sense of life at the farm. Right now in April you can read blog entries and view pictures of new roses we are considering for this year's planting as well as progress with our major new product, lilies.

If you need pictures of roses to show customers or to familiarize yourself with colors and shapes, don't miss the rose search feature. You can search by color, type of rose, fragrance, name, shape, and whether it is a new rose in our selection. This might be a fun thing for brides to look at if they are really interested in the details of their wedding flowers.

This site is not an online selling vehicle so we are not posting prices or taking orders. It is an informational website to help florists.

Check it out!!!

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