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A “sport” is a natural rose mutation.
Mother's Day Report
April 29, 2007
News PictureHere's the Peterkort Roses report for Mother's Day 2007!

Cymbidiums: still available, but the special ends on April 30. Cymbidiums will be back at regular price, no price increase for Mother's Day. Please call us at (503) 628-1005 to order. We have 49'er "Alice Anderson" - the beautiful green cymbidium - available.

Roses: All at regular price. No price increase for Mother's Day.

Sweetheart Roses: Most varieties available, however due to the prom/mother's day smushup, we will be short on Eskimo, the white sweetheart. Possible substitutions: Bridal White, Wendy in 25's.

Spray Roses: Pink is looking short. Order now if you need them because these are in high demand.

Standard Roses: Because lavender roses are featured for many wire service arrangements this year, we anticipate shortages in Ocean Song, Cool Water, and Lavande. Of course pink roses are always popular for Mother's Day.

Garden Roses: These are becoming more popular. Let us know if you want some. Our varieties: Biedermeier (ivory with pink edge), Yves Piaget (mauve pink with scent), Karamel Antike (tawny yellow), Augusta Luise (peachy with scent, floppy stems), Maria Theresia (smaller head, pink like Cecile Bruner, floppy stem).

Call Peterkort Roses to order, (503) 628-1005

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