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The Real Dirt on Farmer Norm...
August 2, 2006
Recently a movie called "The Real Dirt on Farmer John," a documentary about a guy named John Peterson came out. It describes something called Community Supported Agriculture, a model where subscribers receive produce each week from a farmer.

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This is a picture of Farmer John by Taggart Siegel that was printed in the Oregonian in June.

And here is our very own Farmer Norm, Norman Peterkort, illustrating that locally grown flowers are also hip and support a connection with local agriculture:

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Farmer John's reason for community supported agriculture are:

1) Aesthetic

2)It's trendy

3)It creates a "relationality" between us and our food (flowers).

4) Building relationships with farmers can be a proactive form of protest.

5) It helps farmers to prosper because the shareholders support him.

While Peterkort Roses does not exactly follow this model, our relationships with florists through the flower market has some resemblance to this.

Our florist customers know the farmer, can make observations about their likes and dislikes, and can have an influence on what we grow. Standing orders definitely help support our business all year round.

I'm not sure about the protest part though! However, you will probably not see Norman smoking a cigar and wearing a zebra striped jacket like Farmer John does. This is just not going to happen!

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