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Roses that Look Like Peonies
August 1, 2007
News PicturePeterkort Roses has had a lot of requests lately for roses that look like peonies. We refer to these as "garden roses" throughout the Peterkort Roses website.

To see our current assortment of garden roses for cut flowers, please click on "What We Grow" and go to the rose section. Click "Shape" and select "Peony"; a list will come up showing all the varieties we have right now. You can click each name to get a picture.

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Shown above is "Yves Piaget" which we have grown the longest amount of time. This came about through an accident. One year the Meilland company of France accidentally sent us their outdoor rose catalogue instead of their greenhouse rose catalogue.

We were in an experimental mood, so we decided to test the Yves Piaget.

By the way, Yves Piaget is a real person. He is a jeweler famous for his watches. The Yves Piaget rose has a good rose scent. It is one of the most scented roses we grow.

Its color is hot pink, with lighter watercolor markings. As it opens, it evolves from a ball-shaped rose bud to a large rounded cabbage type head with a lot of small petals in the center. It becomes more mauve in tone as it ages in the vase.

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"Helga Piaget", a newer rose, is creamy white with very faint touches of pink that disappear as the flower opens. It has a more delicate scent that hits me higher in the nose than Yves Piaget. (Do roses have "nose" like wine? I think so!)

Helga Piaget is also a real person, the wife (now ex-wife) of Yves Piaget. In some areas this rose is known as "Cream Piaget" but we have chosen to retain its original name.

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In the German garden rose category we have a fine selection. The first one we planted is called "Biedermeier," which is a certain style popular in Germany in the late 1800s. It is also a style of flower arranging where the flowers are organized in close patterns. Unlike the French garden roses we are growing, the German ones have very little, or no, scent. This rose is by the Tantau rose breeder.

Biedermeier is a round headed rose with a light ivory white color and a pink edge. It also has beautiful green side buds that give a decorative garden effect.

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Another German company, Kordes Rosen, can take the credit for one of the most beautiful new roses in the peony shape. Karamel Antike (also known as Caramel Antike) is pale yellow with subtle shades of coral. We love this rose because it is a good grower and even likes to bloom in the winter. I personally love this rose also because of the name, how perfect to describe this rose.

Back in 1998 on our visit to Germany my husband and I visited the original Kordes Rosen farm near Hamburg. Even though we missed our train and were late, they were gemutlich (hospitable) to us and flew the U.S. flag in honor of our visit. Also they treated us to a beautiful lunch in a country setting, with the northern German specialty called Matjes, a sort of pickled herring. I think it was a little test of nerve! But I liked it!

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This rose is called Waltzertraum, a long name for a pretty great rose, a true explosion of petals in a beautiful cherry color. When it's tight it looks scary, kind of greeny pale pink, but when it opens it's like a treasure. The petals are packed inside and the rose almost turns inside out to show them off.

It's become a popular choice for the new "old fashioned" rose look for weddings. Also when you use a rose instead of a peony, you can get a similar look but with a great savings, because peonies are very, very expensive out of season. Peterkort Roses has all these roses throughout the year, since we are growing indoors.

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Those German rose breeders really love to name their roses long, complicated names....this is Maria Theresia, a very beautiful and unusual rose in a sheer pale pink. It opens flat, a very unusual shape, and also has extremely viney stems. They are not stick-stiff, but rather drapey.

The Maria Theresia rose cannot be arranged in a traditional dozen type of arrangement, but it looks luscious in a bouquet with other flowers. The flower head itself is not particularly large, but it makes a lovely impression and is very different than a tea rose. It is presented as a spray type rose with many side buds. It gives the appearance of garden abundance.

We hope you have enjoyed our presentation of Peterkort Roses garden roses, the roses that look like peonies.

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