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Peterkort Roses is the only U.S. rose grower growing the Metallina rose
Peterkort Roses Annual Report
February 1, 2008
News PictureFebruary 1, 2008

Dear Customers,

As we prepare for our industry’s most challenging holiday, Valentine’s Day, we decided that we’d let you know what is going on with Peterkort Roses.

First of all, we appreciate your business. Customer service is important to us and we hope to continue to improve it in the upcoming year. You care about quality locally grown flowers and we intend to keep growing them for you.

In the past year we planted more than 10 new varieties of roses. We now have a lot more good pink roses, plus some large-headed roses in the Avalanche series. We replanted one-third of our Red France plants. We continue our experiments with garden-type roses as well.

Dutch-style lights were added to an area where we grow most of our spray roses, increasing yield and quality during the winter months. Our total lit area is now almost half the rose range.

We’ve also reached the halfway point in converting to hydroponic growing which produces longer, better stems.

Lilies are new to us and they continue to improve as we learn to grow them better.

Of course we have also had our setbacks. The biggest is that we lost our Dad, Albert Peterkort, last June. We really miss him.

We also are struggling with increased energy costs. One bright spot is that we are burning biofuel in our boiler, so that’s a plus for the environment. We also continue to be thankful that we invested in retractable heat blankets for the greenhouses several years ago.

But overall, energy costs are challenging us very much.

After pondering what to do, we have decided not to have an energy surcharge, but we will have a modest price increase again this year. These new prices will go into effect on February 17, 2008.

The wedding season will soon be upon us. Be sure to remember our PeterkortRoses.com web site – it was specially designed to help with wedding flower decisions. It’s very “bride friendly.”

Thank you again for your business!


Norman Peterkort Manager, Peterkort Roses

(503) 628-1004

Wholesale Grower Roses, Lilies, Orchids, Holly, Stephanotis

Hillsboro, Oregon, USA

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