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Yves Piaget can substitute for peonies in a bouquet.
Orchid Season at Peterkort Roses
February 1, 2011
News PictureFebruary means Valentines Day of course but also at Peterkort roses it means orchids - cattleyas, ladyslippers and cymbidiums.

We have two huge greenhouses stuffed with these plants, some of which are over 50 years old and were hybridized by our Dad in his youth.

Also we have some famous cymbidiums, including '49'er "Alice Anderson," the green cym with a ruby red lip, named after a local lady.

If you were thinking of coming out to see us, February is the beginning of the tour season at Peterkort Roses because the cymbidiums are in bloom and put on quite a show.

I love to give tours and show off our place to our customers. Just let me know!


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