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Besides roses, we grow lilies, orchids, holly, stephanotis and maidenhair fern.
Cymbidium Season has Begun
February 4, 2012
News PictureI love cymbidium season, when those fabulous temperate zone orchids start blooming. Our Peterkort Roses greenhouse has a very large area devoted to Cymbidiums.

I'll bet you didn't know these things about cymbidiums:

1. They are temperate, not tropical. That means in Oregon they can spend the summer outside.

2. They are originally from Asia

3. Cymbidiums bloom during the winter and spring in our hemisphere. The cyms you see during the summer are mostly from New Zealand (where it is winter!)

4. There are early and late varieties which naturally bloom at different times during the season.

Come and check out our cymbidiums!!! The picture above shows large white cattleyas, and a yellow mini cymbidium.

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