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January is Tropical Paradise Month!
January 5, 2011
News PictureA favorite childrens' book from the kids' boyhood was a book about two dogs working in an ice cream factory during the winter. Freezing cold inside and out, they were too poor to take a vacation to somewhere warm, so they transformed the apartment with sand, fake palm trees and mai tais.

Here in Portland where it's nearly freezing, drizzling and gray it's time to do the same thing!

Bright colored lilies and tropical cymbidiums and cattleyas are available at Peterkort Roses in abundance! Cook up a stir fry and mix up something fruity and tropical.

Chinese New Year on February 3 is a good excuse to break out the bright red lanterns, chopsticks and exotic music. Add bright red roses to the table and you are totally in luck for the new year.

Happy 2011 everybody!

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