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Using Black Baccara
July 1, 2009
News PicturePeterkort Roses' web site gets a lot of requests for information about the rose Black Baccara.

This rose was hybridized several years ago by the French firm Meilland, the famous developer of roses such as "Peace" and "Leonidas."

Black Baccara is a very dark, dark almost black rose with a medium sized head, and very beautiful velvety petals.

Sometimes people mistakenly call it "Black Baccarat" or even "Black Baccardi", but the true name is Black Baccara.

Black Baccara is frequently used for event work such as weddings. Mixed with other red roses such as Prestige, Red Velvet, Tamango, etc. it gives a beautiful richness and depth to bouquets and arrangements.

Gems such as pearls are very beautiful with Black Baccara, because the warm richness of the pearls sets off the velvety texture of the roses.

Peterkort Roses grows Black Baccara. We are located in Hillsboro, Oregon (near Portland) and grow this rose year-round. Contact us at (503) 628-1005 for more information.

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