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All About Piano Freeland
June 1, 2010
News PictureOne of our newest (and most wonderful) garden roses at Peterkort Roses is called Piano Freeland. A large-headed red rose which has a coral red shade as it opens, Piano Freeland has the gorgeous peony look that so many are looking for right now.

And does this rose hold!

Created by the German company Tantau Rozen, Piano Freeland also has small non-opening side buds which give it that just-out-of-the-garden feeling.

A very, very pretty red rose with a fabulous ball-shaped bud, opening into a cup containing a quartered petal design.

Piano Freeland is shown in the photo above accompanied by the red rose Red France.

This beautiful rose (and many other garden and tea roses) are available from Peterkort Roses, a wholesale rose grower located in Hillsboro, Oregon, USA. If you are in the flower business you may buy from us. Call at (503) 628-1005.

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