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Q. What's our most fragrant rose? A. Lavande.
Fresh, Local and Oregon Grown
October 1, 2006
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Peterkort Roses is a local, USA flower grower. And proud of it!

We're using the Oregon Association of Nurseries' "Oregon Grown" logo as a reminder - it's amazing how many people I encounter at the flower market who don't know.

What's so great about it?

1. Flowers are freshly harvested

2. Less shipping damage

3. You know your grower

4. U.S. laws on pesticides apply (and we use very little)

5. $$ stays in the local economy

6. Fragile product (for instance, garden roses) available

7. Direct feedback opportunities

8. Part of the local community

9. Your customers increasingly want locally grown food and flowers

Those are just some of the reasons.

So when you see the "Oregon Grown" maple leaf, that's your indication of a fresh, local product.

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