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September 26 is the Flower Market Show
September 13, 2010
News PictureCheck out the Flower Market open house and Design Show on Sunday, September 26. Here is how to sign up:

Click here to download the registration form.

Here's the lowdown on what is happening:

Frank Adams will have Walter Fedyshyn, AIFD, PFCI, who is the creative design and events dude for Phillip's Flowers in Illinois.

Billingsley presents Francoise Weeks, our wonderful Belgian florist with a lovely take on European design, with her own studio here in Portland.

Greenleaf will host Jon Robert Throne, AIFD, CFD, who is director and wedding specialist at Countryside Floral up in Washington.

Shibata Floral has Marlin Hargrove AIFD, PFCI, a design consultant with Pete Garcia Co.

Moderating this group will be Brian K. Smith, AIFD, sponsored by Smithers Oasis, the scintillating and super fun owner of Fusion in Lake Oswego.

There will be lots of other fun stuff, including lunch, but you have to reserve soon to make sure you get food! Check the link for the signup sheet!

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