Growing Green and Local - Peterkort Roses

Growing Green and Local

Peterkort Roses believes that our flowers and greens are superior, and we want our customers to feel that way, too.

We think that superior flowers are fresher, have less chemicals, and perform better because they have not had to travel long distances. They open up beautifully and smell nice and fresh.

A Peterkort Roses flower should be as close to organic as humanly possible, and still be beautiful.

We think that when you do business with a local farmer such as Peterkort Roses, you should be able to give us feedback about our products. We should be able to give you good service, including accommodating last-minute orders, and of course small orders.

Peterkort Roses takes pride in being an efficient and earth-friendly flower grower who listens to our customers. We like to hear your thoughts on new products. As a small local producer we feel connected to our local market, and that gives us the confidence to try new things which may appeal to you.

We believe that by earning your trust with great flowers and good service, we can unleash your creativity. With your trust in us, we have the faith to bring you new and exciting varieties. Together we can continue Portland’s reputation as the City of Roses!