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The Meaning of Rose Colors

Are you feeling nice or naughty? Take your pick!

RED RosesLove, respect, courageRed-hot passion & sinful pleasure!
WHITE RosesInnocence, purity, secrecyUntouched by human hands – will you warm me up?
PINK rosesSympathy, grace, thanksA short angora sweater & a plaid micro-mini – life is good!!
YELLOW rosesFriendship, joy, gladnessThe sun hot on your skin in the open air!
LAVENDER rosesUniquenessWhy is each time different – yet a pattern of stars always appears?
PEACH rosesModesty, sweetnessI saw you looking at me – don’t deny it – – –
ORANGE rosesFascination, enthusiasmLet’s ditch this crowd and go dancing!