Who We Are - Peterkort Roses

Who We Are

Peterkort Roses is a family-owned cut flower growing business that’s been around since 1923, when our grandparents bought a small farm in the Portland, Oregon suburbs.

Today we grow roses and other crops at a new location near Hillsboro, Oregon.

Our parents, Albert and Mary Anne Peterkort, raised all seven of us to help out with the family business. We are in partnership together, with two of us employed full time and several others performing part-time tasks such as bookkeeping, orchid raising, and selling at the flower market.

Our philosophy is to grow roses and other flowers that will please our customers, most of whom are local florists and wholesalers. We aim for great customer service and continuous improvement in our flowers, against a background of efficiency and conservation. We specialize in roses for florists, wedding flowers, and life occasions.