Alexandra – Pale yellow standard rose with rounded petals. Buttercream yellow. Good for the yellow/gray palette.  Opens like a camellia with a soft yellow color.  Available from late April through late October.


Babe is a bright orange luscious spray rose in the orange/yellow spectrum. (If you are looking for orange/pink see Springtime). Babe has a good sized head for a spray rose, and blooms from May through December.

Black Baccara

Black Baccara is like darkest red-black velvet; when wide open it is dark red in the center. Darker than Black Magic. This picture makes it look red but it is really quite dark. Plush velvet texture in the petals creates unusual depth in this smallish rose. The Black Baccara standard rose is available from late […]

Blue Mist

Blue Mist – A pale lavender garden rose with lots of petals, a round ball shaped head, and plenty of decorative side buds. Blue Mist is a garden rose which we sell in 10 stem bunches. Our roses are available from May through December.

Blush and Bashful

Blush and Bashful is a very pale blush spray rose with large flowers. Long stemmed bunches have multiple flowers. It’s the perfect wedding rose! Our roses are available from late April through December.

Bridal White

Bridal White – A blushing small to medium sized white standard rose which opens fully with a beautiful shape.  White with a delicate blush.  Our roses are available from late April through December.


Cupcake has that beautiful golden brown color we all love, warming up bouquets and arrangements. Cupcake is a garden rose which is sold in 10 stem bunches, and is available from late April through December.  


Eskimo by Peterkort Roses – White rose with excellent blemish resistent petals and a small sweetheart head. This rose opens beautifully and has a great vase life. We have Eskimo blooms available from late April through December.

Freesia, Blush

Oh darn it! We could not get this one for 2023, let’s hope it’s available for 2024! Blush freesia is a very very slightly tinted white freesia. We have freesia from February through June.

Freesia, Coral

Darn it! We don’t have this one for 2023. Look for it in 2024. This coral freesia (called “Intense Pink”) is a new variety for us. We have freesia from February through June.

Freesia, dark lavender

Our freesia is in bloom from February through June. Sweetly scented flowers open all the way to the last bud.

Freesia, Fuchsia

This lively color of freesia will brighten up bouquets from February through June. And gives that wonderful scent too!

Freesia, Gold

Whoops! This one is not available in 2023. Have to wait until 2024. Here’s a new freesia color – gold. We have freesia from February through June.

Freesia, light blue

Light blue freesia is really a pale lavender, and quite a beauty. Freesia is in season from February through June.

Freesia, Monaco

Yay this variety is available for 2023! Pale pink/peach freesia Monaco is available from February through June. All the great things about freesia – long lasting, a lovely scent, plus this subtle coloration. Is it pink? Is it peach? All we know is it’s beautiful.

Freesia, peach

RATS! This one isn’t going to be available in 2023. We will try again for 2024. OK peach lovers, now there is a peachy colored freesia too. We have freesia from February through June.

Freesia, pink

Pink freesia is available from February through June.

Freesia, red

Red freesia is available from February through June.

Freesia, white

Pristine white freesia available February through June. One of the favorite freesia colors… it’s a classic. And smells soooooo good!

Freesia, yellow

Yellow freesia is one of the most fruity scented varieties. We have freesia from February through June. The spirit of spring!


Pale yellow small headed spray rose. Like the elf queen Galadriel’s hair! She is blooming from late April through December.


Goldberry is a golden-peachy-apricot-pink hard to describe color! A sweet spray rose to pull colors together. Named after a character in Tolkien’s fantasy The Lord of the Rings. Looking for gold? Take a look at this spray rose. Available from late April through December.

Helga Piaget

Helga Piaget is lovely, scented, and very French. She sweeps into the room and knocks you off your feet. A rose that resembles a peony! Named for Helga Piaget of Monaco, philanthropist and organizer of the nonprofit Passion Sea, which seeks to restore the oceans. The perfume of this rose is a classic rose scent. […]


Pure white Ice-9 is small in its tight bud but opens with an amazing white petal explosion. It also has beautiful decorative green buds. Named after a mysterious form of ice in Kurt Vonnegut’s book Cat’s Cradle. This pure white garden rose is available from May through December.

Karamel Antike

Karamel Antike is an unusual shade of golden yellow brown for the tawny brown and beige palette. It opens nicely with a high petal count, from a ball shaped bud. Count on those German breeders to come up with a fabulous name for a gorgeous garden rose. Karamel Antike blooms from late April through December.


Lavande is a powerfully scented standard rose in a luscious dark lavender. It opens quickly as most scented varieties do, and does not have a high petal count. But oh that fragrance! Fruity, lemony, like lychees! This smaller headed rose is available from late April through October.

Lemon Drop

Yum! A wonderful bright and cheerful yellow spray rose. Take a sip of our Lemon Drop from May through December.


Leonidas is orange-bronze inside and cream-yellow outside. Definitely different. When fully open there is a hint of mauve in the bronze. It tends to top out at maximum 50-60 centimeters. Leonidas is named after a brand of Belgian chocolates. Leonidas blooms from late April through December.

Lilies – Asiatic – Orange

A many-flowered orange asiatic lily is a strong bright color in a bouquet. Orange asiatic lilies are available year round from our greenhouses.

Lilies – Asiatic – Peach

The delicate peach asiatic lily adds a light pastel note to the bouquet. No scent, and it’s in bloom all year in our greenhouse.

Lilies – Asiatic – White

White Asiatic lilies have long strong stems and many flowers. No scent though! If you are looking for a lily with scent, look at Oriental lilies. We produce lilies year round in our greenhouses.

Lilies – Asiatic – Yellow

Asiatic lilies grown by us in our greenhouse have very long stems and no scent. If you are looking for a scented lily, try oriental lilies. We sell all our lilies in 10-stem bunches, and they are available all year.

Lilies – Martagon

Introducing a new and unusual lily variety – the Martagon lily. Small flowers on long stems give this lily a totally different look. Available only in May and June and hard to find, martagons are a different lily species than the orientals and asiatics we are accustomed to seeing in bouquets.

Lilies – Oriental – Pink

A pink oriental lily in your bouquet is a showstopper! Smelling so sweet and staying nice for so long in the vase. Our lilies come in 10 stem bunches.

Lilies – Oriental – White

What could be more pristine and beautiful than a white oriental lily!!! Scented and delightful, and oh so long lasting in the vase. We have white oriental lilies all year long. They come in 10 stem bunches.

Lilies – Stargazers

The famous Stargazer lily is a giant speckled pink delight. We sell them in bunches of 10 stems, year-round. If you like scent, this is your lily!!! Very long lasting in the vase too! Stargazers are a type of Oriental lily.

Lisianthus Champagne

Lisianthus is a beautiful flower for florists which blooms for us during the summer.

Lisianthus Lavender

Lisianthus is a beautiful flower for arrangements and weddings, which blooms in our greenhouse during the summer and fall months.

Lisianthus White

Lisianthus – those soft blossoms and lovely twisty buds! So great in arrangements and wedding designs. Growing in our greenhouse in the summer and fall.

Lucky Red

Lucky Red is a standard rose with a super bright and festive orange red color. Get ready for your lion dance and light some firecrackers! Lucky Red blooms from late April through December.

Maidenhair Fern

Delicate, lacy, fragile. Our maidenhair grows in the lush environment of a shady and humid greenhouse. It is available in bunches of 25 stems, and is suitable for special occasion floral work rather than anything that needs greenery with a long vase life. It loves being misted with water. We can pick it for you […]

Maria Theresia

Maria Theresia – Maria Theresia stepped out of a Dutch still life in a cloud of pale pink brocade. This is a garden rose which reminds us of the famous Cecile Bruner rose. Very nodding stems for that special look. Opens flat with many small petals. This garden rose also has decorative side buds. Available […]


Marina by Peterkort Roses – A hot pink rose which is a natural mutation of the red rose Bordeaux. This standard rose has a good size head and a vibrant pink color. Marina blooms from late April through December.


Metallina by Peterkort Roses – Such an unusual color we had a contest to describe it. Our favorite: raw silk. It’s a beigey pinky rose when tight and a pale dusty lavender when open. You’ve never seen a rose like it – my neighbor dreamed about it – some dislike it. It incites discussion. Petite […]

Mi Amor

Mi Amor by Peterkort Roses – A great pink rose with a warm pink color. Mi Amor is a standard rose which blooms from late April through December.


Moonstruck by Peterkort Roses – Fat round buds with tiny scalloped edges, and when they open you can see the golden stamens inside. This cream rose gives texture and that untamed look. Moonstruck is available as a spray rose and also in 25 stem bunches as a standard rose. Blooming from May through December in […]


Moscow by Peterkort Roses – Watermelon pink – the coral side of pink! A long-lasting, large-headed rose. Moscow is available from May through October.


Naranga by Peterkort Roses – A clear orange standard rose with robust petals. Quite long lasting. Naranga blooms from late April through December.

Ocean Song

Ocean Song by Peterkort Roses – Pale lavender beauty, almost silver, with wonderful tea rose shape, good petal count, and excellent holding ability. Ocean Song is a standard rose and it blooms between late April and December.

Peach Peony

Peach Peony is a garden rose sold in 10-stem bunches. It has a beautiful fragrance and an elegantly cup-shaped, nodding head. There is some color variation between salmon and more yellow peachy tones. Peach Peony is available from late April through October.

Pink Piano

Pink Piano is a sweet sweet darker pink rose with that great piano shape we love! Large ball-shaped blooms with decorative side buds open to beautiful cup shapes filled with petals. This darker pink garden rose is available from late April through December.  


Prestige – A strong clear red standard rose with fewer thorns than other popular reds. Wonderful presentation of the bud in the bunch – no bullet shapes. Prestige has the classic spiral shape with a large head. Our rose season runs from late April through December.

Ranunculus, pale yellow

Not available in 2022!!! Sorry that we did not plant this color in 2022. Pale yellow ranunculus are available February through May.

Ranunculus, picotee

Picotee ranunculus are available from February through May. A picotee flower is one that has a darker colored edge.

Ranunculus, Pon Pon Minerva

Pon Pon ranunculus are available February through May. Minerva is a special color of coral with the special green fluffy pon pon shape.


Renee is a beautiful, scented blush rose in a pale pink/peach tone. This peach garden rose is available from May through December. Opening quickly. In memory of Renee Carlsen.

Romantik Antike

Romantik Antike by Peterkort Roses – This sister of Karamel Antike has the most beautiful rich peach/pink color, like the embroidery on a geisha’s kimono……. Opening from a round ball shaped bud with a lighter exterior, this garden rose exhibits more coloration when open. If you have used the Antike varieties from South America, our […]

Rose Petals

Rose petals are sold by the gallon. Please let us know at least a week ahead with your order. Many colors are available, and also mixes of colors. Keep rose petals in their bag (which has holes to help release water vapor) and put them in the cooler until you are ready to use them. […]


The waxy white stars of stephanotis, also known as Madagascar Jasmine, are sweetly scented. We sell them in 25 bloom boxes. A classic flower in wedding bouquets. They grow on a vigorous vine that can dominate the greenhouse!


Surprise – This peach spray rose has a larger head and opens to a pale blush. As a spray rose it is packaged in 10 stem bunches. It is often available as a standard rose in 25 stem bunches. Our roses are in season from the end of April through December.


Wendy by Peterkort Roses – Sweet pure white spray rose that opens wide and flat with a multitude of tiny petals, often showing the stamens at the center. Good robust petals that resist browning. Wendy is available from May through December.

Wild Salmon

Wild Salmon – Very wild! A peach/salmon rose with lots of personality! This garden rose comes in 10 stem bunches. Our roses are available from May through December.