Amalia – This wonderful two-tone standard rose is pink on the inside of the petal and red on the outside. Like a Chanel jacket it is so French and so beautiful! Prancing down the runway from May through December.


Ambiance – A buttercup yellow standard rose with coral tips which opens to a large many-petalled blossom. Ambiance is a two toned rose with unusual coloration. Ambiance is in bloom from May through October.

Anemone, Red and White Novelty

We love this crazy one! The red and white coloration varies from flower to flower. Anemones are available from February through May.

Classic Cezanne

Classic Cezanne by Peterkort Roses – Ivory with mauve pink edges in an elegant tea rose shape. Long-lasting in the vase. Classic Cezanne is available from May through December.

Holly – Variegated

Variegated English holly with red berries is available in five and ten pound boxes in November and December.


Leonidas is orange-bronze inside and cream-yellow outside. Definitely different. When fully open there is a hint of mauve in the bronze. It tends to top out at maximum 50-60 centimeters. Leonidas is named after a brand of Belgian chocolates. Leonidas blooms from late April through December.

Ranunculus, picotee

Picotee ranunculus are available from February through May. A picotee flower is one that has a darker colored edge.


Tropicana – This Tropicana is very different than the traditional melon-colored Tropicana so familiar for many years. A bright parrot of red-orange and yellow, the new Tropicana has a big robust flower bud with an appealing shape and brilliant plumage. It looks similar to Circus. Tropicana blooms from the end of April through December.