Champagne – Pale ecru peach standard rose with a smaller head size. Growing and blooming from late April through December. Pop the cork!

Freesia, peach

OK peach lovers, now there is a peachy colored freesia too. We have freesia from February through June.

Lilies – Asiatic – Peach

The delicate peach asiatic lily adds a light pastel note to the bouquet. No scent, and it’s in bloom all year in our greenhouse.

Lilies – Martagon

Introducing a new and unusual lily variety – the Martagon lily. Small flowers on long stems give this lily a totally different look. Available only in May and June and hard to find, martagons are a different lily species than the orientals and asiatics we are accustomed to seeing in bouquets.

Peach Avalanche+

Peach Avalanche is a cousin of the famous Avalanche rose in a pale peach color. It shares the giant head, fluffy informal look, and greenish outer petals with its sisters Avalanche and Sweet Avalanche. Peach Avalanche is a standard rose available from May through December.

Peach Peony

Peach Peony is a garden rose sold in 10-stem bunches. It has a beautiful fragrance and an elegantly cup-shaped, nodding head. There is some color variation between salmon and more yellow peachy tones. Peach Peony is available from late April through October.

Prima Donna

Prima Donna by Peterkort Roses – Definitely a diva: she’s shapely, larger than life, and makes an impression. Apricot peach is her color. She’s on stage from May through October. Cue the applause!


Renee is a beautiful, scented blush rose in a pale pink/peach tone. This peach garden rose is available from May through December. Opening quickly. In memory of Renee Carlsen.

Romantik Antike

Romantik Antike by Peterkort Roses – This sister of Karamel Antike has the most beautiful rich peach/pink color, like the embroidery on a geisha’s kimono……. Opening from a round ball shaped bud with a lighter exterior, this garden rose exhibits more coloration when open. If you have used the Antike varieties from South America, our […]


Sonia – A classic salmon peach standard rose that has withstood the test of time. Lovely opening qualities. Petite bud size but opens to a medium size. Our roses are in season from the end of April through December.


Surprise – This peach spray rose has a larger head and opens to a pale blush. As a spray rose it is packaged in 10 stem bunches. It is often available as a standard rose in 25 stem bunches. Our roses are in season from the end of April through December.