Coxcomb Celosia

Coxcomb celosia is the most awesome fuzzy flower around, guaranteed to have people asking, “What kind of flower is THAT!” Coxcomb is blooming from August through the beginning of November. This wonderful soft flower baby is a traditional favorite in Asia and also in Mexico where it is associated with Day of the Dead celebrations. […]

Dried Flowers

We have dried spray roses, ranunculus, maidenhair fern, and lisianthus available in the late summer, fall and winter. Great for all those wreaths and projects!

Holly – Green

Green English holly with red berries is available in five and ten pound boxes during November and December.

Holly – Variegated

Variegated English holly with red berries is available in five and ten pound boxes in November and December.

Lilies – Martagon

Introducing a new and unusual lily variety – the Martagon lily. Small flowers on long stems give this lily a totally different look. Available only in May and June and hard to find, martagons are a different lily species than the orientals and asiatics we are accustomed to seeing in bouquets.

Lisianthus Champagne

Lisianthus is a beautiful flower for florists which blooms for us during the summer.

Lisianthus Lavender

Lisianthus is a beautiful flower for arrangements and weddings, which blooms in our greenhouse during the summer and fall months.

Lisianthus White

Lisianthus – those soft blossoms and lovely twisty buds! So great in arrangements and wedding designs. Growing in our greenhouse in the summer and fall.

Maidenhair Fern

Delicate, lacy, fragile. Our maidenhair grows in the lush environment of a shady and humid greenhouse. It is available in bunches of 25 stems, and is suitable for special occasion floral work rather than anything that needs greenery with a long vase life. It loves being misted with water. We can pick it for you […]

Rose Petals

Rose petals are sold by the gallon. Please let us know at least a week ahead with your order. Many colors are available, and also mixes of colors. Keep rose petals in their bag (which has holes to help release water vapor) and put them in the cooler until you are ready to use them. […]


The waxy white stars of stephanotis, also known as Madagascar Jasmine, are sweetly scented. We sell them in 25 bloom boxes. A classic flower in wedding bouquets. They grow on a vigorous vine that can dominate the greenhouse!