Anemone, Blush

Anemones are available from February through May. The blush anemone is a very pale pink.


Astral is a small headed spray rose in a clear pink in the cool range. Opens beautifully with hundreds of petals, and it keeps developing in the vase. Astral is available from May through December.

Blush and Bashful

Blush and Bashful is a very pale blush spray rose with large flowers. Long stemmed bunches have multiple flowers. It’s the perfect wedding rose! Our roses are available from late April through December.

Bridal Piano

Right out of an old master painting. Bridal Piano exemplifies the cabbage rose. Can’t you see Marie Antoinette holding this rose? A hefty round bud like her sisters Piano Frieland and Pink Piano, and sometimes there are decorative green side buds. This light pink garden rose is available from late April through December.  

Butterfly Ranunculus, Pink

Take to the air with this new kind of flower, which looks delicate but lasts well in the vase. Available from February through June.

Coxcomb Celosia

Coxcomb celosia is the most awesome fuzzy flower around, guaranteed to have people asking, “What kind of flower is THAT!” Coxcomb is blooming from August through the beginning of November. This wonderful soft flower baby is a traditional favorite in Asia and also in Mexico where it is associated with Day of the Dead celebrations. […]


Perfectly formed abundant tiny pink buds in a spray rose. Gracia is blooming in our greenhouse from May through December.

Lilies – Oriental – Pink

A pink oriental lily in your bouquet is a showstopper! Smelling so sweet and staying nice for so long in the vase. Our lilies come in 10 stem bunches.

Lilies – Stargazers

The famous Stargazer lily is a giant speckled pink delight. We sell them in bunches of 10 stems, year-round. If you like scent, this is your lily!!! Very long lasting in the vase too! Stargazers are a type of Oriental lily.


Who doesn’t love Lydia? That’s because this is a pale pink slightly peach constellation of perfect little buds. Available from May through December.

Maria Theresia

Maria Theresia – Maria Theresia stepped out of a Dutch still life in a cloud of pale pink brocade. This is a garden rose which reminds us of the famous Cecile Bruner rose. Very nodding stems for that special look. Opens flat with many small petals. This garden rose also has decorative side buds. Available […]


Moscow by Peterkort Roses – Watermelon pink – the coral side of pink! A long-lasting, large-headed rose. Moscow is available from May through October.


Did we recently read a florist’s description of Quicksand’s color as “naughty lingerie?” Wow! Anyway, it’s a standard rose with that dusty rose color which is super popular. It has a light scent too! Quicksand is available from late April through December. This is a new rose for us and quantities are very limited this […]

Sweet Avalanche+

Sweet Avalanche+ is a sport cousin of Avalanche, but redone in pale pink. This pink rose is pale with some green on the outer petals. This standard rose has a large head and is available from the end of April through December.