Anemone, Lavender (Rarity)

Anemones are available from February through May. The lavender anemone (called Rarity) is light lavender inside and darker outside.

Blue Mist

Blue Mist – A pale lavender garden rose with lots of petals, a round ball shaped head, and plenty of decorative side buds. Blue Mist is a garden rose which we sell in 10 stem bunches. Our roses are available from May through December.

Cool Water!

Cool Water! by Peterkort Roses – A long-lasting lavender rose with greenish outer petals and a full many-petalled bud. Cool Water is a standard rose that is the classic go-to rose for lavender. Available from late April through October.

Freesia, light blue

Light blue freesia is really a pale lavender, and quite a beauty. Freesia is in season from February through June.


Lavande is a powerfully scented standard rose in a luscious dark lavender. It opens quickly as most scented varieties do, and does not have a high petal count. But oh that fragrance! Fruity, lemony, like lychees! This smaller headed rose is available from late April through October.

Lisianthus Lavender

Lisianthus is a beautiful flower for arrangements and weddings, which blooms in our greenhouse during the summer and fall months.

Mon Cherie

Mon Cherie by Peterkort Roses – Pink mauve is an apt color description. Its petals are loose and poppylike with a slight folded appearance like crepe. And the scent – sweet and herbal, perhaps licorice? This spray rose is available from May through December.

Ocean Song

Ocean Song by Peterkort Roses – Pale lavender beauty, almost silver, with wonderful tea rose shape, good petal count, and excellent holding ability. Ocean Song is a standard rose and it blooms between late April and December.

Rose Petals

Rose petals are sold by the gallon. Please let us know at least a week ahead with your order. Many colors are available, and also mixes of colors. Keep rose petals in their bag (which has holes to help release water vapor) and put them in the cooler until you are ready to use them. […]

Silver Charm

Silver Charm spray rose is a pale lavender color. It tones well with the standard rose Ocean Song. It holds up well compared with other lavender sprays of the past. A very sweet, small spray rose. Spray roses are in 10 stem bunches. Available from late April through December.