Astral is a small headed spray rose in a clear pink in the cool range. Opens beautifully with hundreds of petals, and it keeps developing in the vase. Astral is available from May through December.


Babe is a bright orange luscious spray rose in the orange/yellow spectrum. (If you are looking for orange/pink see Springtime). Babe has a good sized head for a spray rose, and blooms from May through December.

Blush and Bashful

Blush and Bashful is a very pale blush spray rose with large flowers. Long stemmed bunches have multiple flowers. It’s the perfect wedding rose! Our roses are available from late April through December.


Pale yellow small headed spray rose. Like the elf queen Galadriel’s hair! She is blooming from late April through December.


Goldberry is a golden-peachy-apricot-pink hard to describe color! A sweet spray rose to pull colors together. Named after a character in Tolkien’s fantasy The Lord of the Rings. Looking for gold? Take a look at this spray rose. Available from late April through December.


Perfectly formed abundant tiny pink buds in a spray rose. Gracia is blooming in our greenhouse from May through December.

Lemon Drop

Yum! A wonderful bright and cheerful yellow spray rose. Take a sip of our Lemon Drop from May through December.

Lovely Lydia

Lovely Lydia has tiny hot pink buds gathered into a lovely spray. Available from May through December.


Who doesn’t love Lydia? That’s because this is a pale pink slightly peach constellation of perfect little buds. Available from May through December.

Mimi Eden

Mimi Eden by Peterkort Roses – Romantic sprays of small round white buds which open to pink petals inside. In the Orangerie museum in Paris there is a charming Renoir depicting a rose very like this one. This rose has a long life as well. Available from May through October.

Mon Cherie

Mon Cherie by Peterkort Roses – Pink mauve is an apt color description. Its petals are loose and poppylike with a slight folded appearance like crepe. And the scent – sweet and herbal, perhaps licorice? This spray rose is available from May through December.


Moonstruck by Peterkort Roses – Fat round buds with tiny scalloped edges, and when they open you can see the golden stamens inside. This cream rose gives texture and that untamed look. Moonstruck is available as a spray rose and also in 25 stem bunches as a standard rose. Blooming from May through December in […]

Night Star

Night Star grows sprays of small dark plum roses – the only rose we know in this color. Not violet, more of a magenta. This spray rose is available from May through December.

Red Angel

Red Angel spray rose by Peterkort Roses – Bright strawberry red, opens like a dream, and it lasts. Angelic! Blooming in our greenhouse from May through December.

Red Garnet

A deep burgundy red spray rose. Red Garnet is the perfect complement to our large rose Prestige. Available from May through December.

Silver Charm

Silver Charm spray rose is a pale lavender color. It tones well with the standard rose Ocean Song. It holds up well compared with other lavender sprays of the past. A very sweet, small spray rose. Spray roses are in 10 stem bunches. Available from late April through December.


Springtime spray rose – Beautiful little buds of coral/pink/orange in sprays.  Springtime spray rose is a more subtle color than our other orange spray rose, Babe.  Spray roses are sold in 10 stem bunches.  Availability is late April through December.  


Surprise – This peach spray rose has a larger head and opens to a pale blush. As a spray rose it is packaged in 10 stem bunches. It is often available as a standard rose in 25 stem bunches. Our roses are in season from the end of April through December.


Vivianne – Small, white and sweet. Vivianne is a traditional spiral shaped spray rose with pure white flowers. Vivianne is available from May through December.


Wendy by Peterkort Roses – Sweet pure white spray rose that opens wide and flat with a multitude of tiny petals, often showing the stamens at the center. Good robust petals that resist browning. Wendy is available from May through December.