Amalia – This wonderful two-tone standard rose is pink on the inside of the petal and red on the outside. Like a Chanel jacket it is so French and so beautiful! Prancing down the runway from May through December.

Anemone, Fuchsia

Anemones are available from February through May. The fuchsia anemone is hot pink with a lavender tone.

Classic Cezanne

Classic Cezanne by Peterkort Roses – Ivory with mauve pink edges in an elegant tea rose shape. Long-lasting in the vase. Classic Cezanne is available from May through December.

Coxcomb Celosia

Coxcomb celosia is the most awesome fuzzy flower around, guaranteed to have people asking, “What kind of flower is THAT!” Coxcomb is blooming from August through the beginning of November. This wonderful soft flower baby is a traditional favorite in Asia and also in Mexico where it is associated with Day of the Dead celebrations. […]

Freesia, Fuchsia

This lively color of freesia will brighten up bouquets from February through June. And gives that wonderful scent too!

Freesia, pink

Pink freesia is available from February through June.

Lovely Lydia

Lovely Lydia has tiny hot pink buds gathered into a lovely spray. Available from May through December.


Marina by Peterkort Roses – A hot pink rose which is a natural mutation of the red rose Bordeaux. This standard rose has a good size head and a vibrant pink color. Marina blooms from late April through December.


Milano by Peterkort Roses – Dark rich hot pink with a large head. An unusual very dark pomegranate pink. The picture shown is a little too bright – it’s really a darker color. Milano blooms from May through December.

Mimi Eden

Mimi Eden by Peterkort Roses – Romantic sprays of small round white buds which open to pink petals inside. In the Orangerie museum in Paris there is a charming Renoir depicting a rose very like this one. This rose has a long life as well. Available from May through October.


Sara -Sprightly brilliant pink, outstanding shape when open, and many petals. Sara is a bright pink standard rose which blooms from the end of April through December.


Waltzertraum – A round bulbous garden rose bud in pink which opens to a dark pink center like a peony. One of our special garden roses. The name in German means “Dream Waltz.” The color is cherry pink, and it looks like a lush rose from a Dutch still life or from a French garden. […]

Yves Piaget

Yves Piaget – But of course it is French! This strong, large head hot pink scented garden rose has mauve notes.  When we first saw it open we thought it was a peony!  In bud it is ball-shaped. When open, a revelation. Scented as well with a true strong rose perfume. Named after a celebrity […]