Akito – Pristine white standard rose with smooth elegant petals. This is the whitest rose. Available from late April through December.

Anemone, Red and White Novelty

We love this crazy one! The red and white coloration varies from flower to flower. Anemones are available from February through May.

Anemone, white with green center

Anemones are available from February through May. This white one with a green center is sometimes known as an “albino” white.


Avalanche+ is winter white with pale green exterior petals and a large fat bud. Informal shape, fluffy texture. Avalanche is our largest white standard rose, and it’s available from May through December.  

Bridal White

Bridal White – A blushing small to medium sized white standard rose which opens fully with a beautiful shape.  White with a delicate blush.  Our roses are available from late April through December.


Eskimo by Peterkort Roses – White rose with excellent blemish resistent petals and a small sweetheart head. This rose opens beautifully and has a great vase life. We have Eskimo blooms available from late April through December.

Freesia, white

Pristine white freesia available February through June. One of the favorite freesia colors… it’s a classic. And smells soooooo good!


Pure white Ice-9 is small in its tight bud but opens with an amazing white petal explosion. It also has beautiful decorative green buds. Named after a mysterious form of ice in Kurt Vonnegut’s book Cat’s Cradle. This pure white garden rose is available from May through December.

Lilies – Asiatic – White

White Asiatic lilies have long strong stems and many flowers. No scent though! If you are looking for a lily with scent, look at Oriental lilies. We produce lilies year round in our greenhouses.

Lilies – Oriental – White

What could be more pristine and beautiful than a white oriental lily!!! Scented and delightful, and oh so long lasting in the vase. We have white oriental lilies all year long. They come in 10 stem bunches.

Lisianthus White

Lisianthus – those soft blossoms and lovely twisty buds! So great in arrangements and wedding designs. Growing in our greenhouse in the summer and fall.

Mimi Eden

Mimi Eden by Peterkort Roses – Romantic sprays of small round white buds which open to pink petals inside. In the Orangerie museum in Paris there is a charming Renoir depicting a rose very like this one. This rose has a long life as well. Available from May through October.

Princess Bride

A delicate white cup-shaped garden rose with a hint of cream towards the center. Adorable small buds too. Princess Bride blooms in our greenhouse between May and December. As you wish!


The waxy white stars of stephanotis, also known as Madagascar Jasmine, are sweetly scented. We sell them in 25 bloom boxes. A classic flower in wedding bouquets. They grow on a vigorous vine that can dominate the greenhouse!


Vivianne – Small, white and sweet. Vivianne is a traditional spiral shaped spray rose with pure white flowers. Vivianne is available from May through December.


Wendy by Peterkort Roses – Sweet pure white spray rose that opens wide and flat with a multitude of tiny petals, often showing the stamens at the center. Good robust petals that resist browning. Wendy is available from May through December.